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Animer version 1.04

2D Picture Animator

(c) 2015 Miroslav Nemecek

Last version update: 11/05/2015


Download Animer v1.04 (1.6 MB)

Program requires OpenGL 1.1 and resolution 1280x720 or more.

Every image (TGA, JPG, PNG, BMP) needs to be prepared using AnimerPic program (attached) - program uses nonstandard modified BMP format (with alpha transparency).

Images can spend much memory (check using System Task Manager). If using long video sequences, prefer to use mode "Video" (images are loaded till view time).

Resulting video is rendered into TGA image sequence - use VirtualDub to compile images into video.


Only in Czech language:

Online Help

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Tutorial 6 - Wind power plant
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