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Software and programming

Here I would like to offer at least the most interesting programs that I have created over the years, with the hope that they will bring someone some benefit or joy. If someone is interested in licensing terms, I don't care much, use what you want and where you want. :-)

Most of the programs listed here are for Windows. Some of the programs are for DOS (this is indicated with the program).

Multi-edition - Multi-edition Gema Soft/Gemtree. "Collector's" first and last official release of "MULTI-EDITION" software from "Nemecek Software", "GOLEM", "Gema Soft" and "Gemtree Software". The release includes DOS Manager, Train, TexiGen, Petr and other programs (mostly for DOS).

Here on GitHub you can find all my DOS programs (it is a copy of the "DOS Source" DVD from multi-edition, without TexiGen textures): https://github.com/Panda381/DOS-Progs

TexiGen - procedural texture generator.

Other programs for photo banks:

Program for editing keywords of DeepMeta DeepMetaPreset
Generator Buddhabrot - fractal Buddha
Keyword editor for photobanks
Submitting images to the free section in 123RF
Changeable background for photos and isolation of objects from photos
False date when starting programs
Bootloader Sound Simulator of
ZX Spectrum
Creating a seamless loop video
EPS file version detection
Low-Poly Vector Network Generator
Selecting files to upload to photo banks
Synchronising the content of photobank portfolios
StockSync v0.90 beta, source code

Animer - 2D image animator.
Peter - a visual programming tool, not just for kids. It can easily create 2D and 3D games, point graphics, sprites, 3D graphics, dialog and console applications, communication, DLLs. Source codes are directly included in the edited EXE program. The created program does not require any additional environment, it is a full-fledged Windows application. Peter is fully freeware and even its source codes are freely available.

Note: Newer operating systems and antivirus programs may flag some programs from Peter as potentially infected. This is a false alarm caused by a non-standard file format (interpreter bootloader + source code).

Train - a game based on the principle of the Serpent, 50 scenes. Original version was for DOS, now also for Windows. When my wife and I invented it in 1993, we had no idea it would become a cult game. Even today, many years later, people still turn to me and reminisce about Train and how much fun they had with it. Many followers have been created, for example for mobile phones and tablets.

Train v1.00 for DOS
Source code v1.00 for DOS (the program is wrapped with utilities ProComp and Poj after compilation)
Train v2.00 for DOS - kit with scene editing
Source code v2.00 for DOS
Train v2.01 for DOS - added video card detection (under Window detection does not work)
Train v2.10 for Windows - created in program Peter, the EXE includes source files
Train to Becherovka (online Flash) - variant of the Train for the Becherovka competition, created in Macromedia Flash 8 Pro trial

Advice to anyone interested in porting Train - download Train for Windows and the mini version of Petr. Open the game in it and drag and drop the images into the library to extract them to BMP.

Artonix - 3D engine derived from Peter engine. The intention was to be easy to use, clear and well equipped. The project is unfinished, serving only for inspiration. The engine supports DirectX 3 to 9, OpenGL1.0 to 1.1, has an object builder, deformer, modifier, a wide range of textures and conversions (including DDS), dialogs, sounds. UNFINISHED
Litos - The Litos operating system, or "Little Operating System", is a project I have worked on on and off for many years. In my first attempts I created a variant of DOS. Then I spent several years working on creating a 32-bit system in assembly language. Disproportionately laborious for one person (even if I ever finished it, it would be too outdated). So the next attempt was a pseudo-8-bit operating system, using 64KB of RAM. I finished that one, of course it's not that usable, but it was mostly practice. The project remained unfinished, but it was a good stepping stone for me to create a commercial RTOS for ARM processors. UNFINISHED

First attempts - Litux

DOS Manager - file and disk manager for DOS and Windows 95/98/Me. Rich features - bulk disk file operations, directory and file comparison, file editing up to 250 MB, HEX editor, disk operations, file conversion, spreadsheet, perpetual calendar, accurate calculator, database and more. Under Windows 95/98/Me, it supports long file names.
Ants - a game based on the card game Arcomage from Might & Magic 7. My second most popular game (after Train), still popular among users and ported to other environments.

Download game Ants - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

Download graphics and sounds of the game Ants (otherwise it can be extracted in Petr)

Desktop games - shooting, slicing and cutting the Windows desktop. When we launched the Petr programming tool, access to web pages was quite common. But one day, accesses began to increase rapidly. Within days, they went up several orders of magnitude. We found out that the reason was the Desktop Game, which suddenly became incredibly popular in the US under the name "Stress Relief" or "Stress reducer".

Download game Desktop games - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

Download Christmas version of the game

Thirteen Ghosts - a game full of puzzles. Your task is to solve 13 tasks given to you by the spirits, the guardians of the Carlsbad springs.
Bechtor - Action shooter game based on Raptor, created in Peter for the Becherovka Game 2005 competition. I created the game with my girlfriend's son and I think it was pretty successful - it was praised as very action-packed, fast-paced and fun, which is why it won 1st place in the competition.
Turbo Cars - classic home car track. Nice environment and realistic look. Can be competed over the net. The game was created in Peter for the Becherovka Game 2003 competition. The game was praised for the quality of the soundtrack and the realism of the physics. Good drivers know to slow down briefly before a corner and speed up in the turn to get into a slight skid, and with added throttle they can compensate for centrifugal force more easily.

Download game Turbo Cars - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

Robie Bobie - is a programmable robot. Its task is to prepare the way for the machines transporting crates of Becherovka. It shifts semaphores, turnouts and switches using a remote control. The game has 50 scenes and was created in Flash for the Becherovka competition.
Point 236 - 3D action shooter. The game was created in Peter for the Becherovka Game 2001 competition. It was the first slightly bigger 3D game created in Peter, with which I participated in the Becherovka competition for the first time and even won the overall 2nd place (so I took home a box of Becherovka ... and I'm a non-alcoholic! :-) ).

Download game Point 236 - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

Pidicraft - a world of blocks, Inspired by the Minecraft game.
Conversions - useful program for conversion of various physical quantities.

Download program Conversions - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

TI-59 - TI-59 programmable calculator emulator. The program fully emulates the famous TI-59 calculator from Texas Instruments with the PC-100A printer. It allows saving and loading programs and switching library modules. Only a slightly different calculator, the TI-58C, was my favorite calculator from college that I really enjoyed using - so I couldn't resist trying to emulate it in Peter. :-)

Download program TI-59 - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

The emulator later became the basis for my creation of other calculators, this time hardware ones.

PicDev - compiler and programmer for Microchip PIC16F84 processors and P84 kit. The program was created in Peter and was intended to be a demonstration of his abilities.

Download program PicDev - created in program Peter, EXE includes source files

More details here...

Animator - DOS script interpreter for creating animations. I created Animator around 1992 and it later became the basis for the development of Peter. It allowed screen capture in both graphics and text mode, making image cutouts, and playing back images according to scripts, including user interaction options. Several games were also created in the animator, and we used it for example at exhibitions for demonstration animations (16 colours was more than enough in those days :-) ). For example, the PF1993 animation was created in it - pictured opposite - which became quite popular and users were clamouring for new versions. It was also used to create images for Train 1.0.

Download animator for DOS

Download PF1992-PF1997 for DOS and PFxx for Windows (year-independent version)

Vsemi10 - learning to type on the keyboard with all 10 fingers, for DOS.

Download program Vsemi10 for DOS

  Theory and Libraries

BigInt Bernoulli - Big Integers Library with Bernoulli Number Generator and with a database of pre-generated 5000 even Bernoulli numbers B2 .. B10000

LongInt - C++ long integer and fixed-point library

Number formats of floating point

Why 1 + 1 is not always 2?

Checksums and their calculations in C

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