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TexiGen version 1.19

Texture Generator

(c) 2015 Miroslav Nemecek

Last version update: 3/8/2015

License Terms

The TexiGen application is freely available as FREEWARE and can be freely distributed
and used for private or commercial purposes. Textures created using the TexiGen
application and using generators contained in it can be sell without limitations, with one exception -
textures generated from foreign or default variant sets of generators cannot be sold,
because variants are intellectual property of their authors. For selling textures it is necessary
to generate your own variant set of generators. Above may not apply automatically
for generators from other authors who define their own licensing conditions.

All source codes of the TexiGen program are freely available and they can be used in other private
and commercial projects. In case of creation of program modification it is necessary to clearly
distinguish modified version from the original version, to make it clear that it is modified version,
and also state which project the modification was based on.

The TexiGen application is provided in form in which it is, with known and unknown errors.
The author assumes no responsibility for any consequences arising from the use
of the application, or for any consequences resulting from malfunctioning of the application.


Download TexiGen v1.19 (13 MB)

Download TexiGen v1.19 source code (13 MB)

Czech help v1.19 with tutorials ONLINE (or download html version)


Download free sample textures (150 MB, 1800 textures) in resolution 256*256 for
free usage (private and commercial). Textures in higher resolution (8192*8192)
can be found in author's portfolio
or they can be generated by the program TexiGen.
Another 1113 textures in 512x512




Sample Gallery:


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