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Programs Created in Peter

Sample Programs (count 158)

Following programs are part of full installation of the Peter (which can be downloaded here). They are in editable mode, they can be extracted into folder "Program" (in installation or working folder of the Peter) and opened in Peter.

Almost all the sample programs are multilingual, at least in Czech and English. The default language in which the program displays depends on the setting of either language in Peter (if running) or the language of the operating system (more precisely, the selected locale).

All Programs (158)

Programs divided into categories:

3D Graphic (27), Battle Games (6), Communication (5), Drawing (5), Fairy Tales (2), Mathematics (16), Music and Sound (6), Parlor Games (4), Picture Gallery (8), Pikaware (34), Puzzles (11), System Programs (5), Writing (5), Miscellaneous (24)


Unfinished Programs (count 392)

Here are programs that have not been completed by their authors. Or for some reason they could not be included in the sample programs. They can be a good inspiration for other programmers. Maybe someone else will complete some program. Some programs are stored in a non-editable format, some are just a non functional germs of games.

Programs are not included in the installer of the Peter. The programs are in source form (up to the marked exception), i.e. they can be opened and edited by Peter. Some programs are stored in beta version of the Peter. Therefore it may happen that after saving the program can stop working. Or Peter can report problem with their opening, but they are retained in their original form if possible and it is up to the programmer how to cope with them.

Programs are often saved in earlier version of Peter - when running on Windows XP they can switch the keyboard to English (and not to default national). To correct it, save the program in new version of the Peter.

Boleslav Horak (5), Dalibor Trebaticky (1), Dan Townsend (1), David Nemecek (156), Dominik Pacek (3), Filip Bartek (2), Frank Ostrander (2), Gemtree (7), Honzika (1), Jakub Honzik (1), Jana Bankova (1), Jaromir Horsky (1), Jaroslav Knapek (37), Jaroslav Ledl (1), Jiri Tejkl (6), Jiri Vratislavsky (6), Josef Davidek (1), Jozo Cenkner (1), Libor Hlavacek (2), Lukas Turek (5), Macher (1), Miroslav Nemecek (95), Miroslav Tejkl (1), Monika Nemeckova (7), Moravec (1), MTK (1), Petr Altman (3), Petr Danek (12), Petr Kuklik (1), Petr Zapletal (1), Radim Pechal (1), Richard Mikulenka (9), Shubba Ravi (1), Singapur (1), Tomas Belica (9), Tomas Husek (2), Vojta Vesely (4), Vaclav Krmela (2)

Other Programs

AWSM - Adwanced Wire Saw Machine, controlled by application created in Peter

Autor: Miroslav Nemecek

Prague - Control software (created fully in Peter) for the exhibition "Model of Prague" in Kingdom of Railways. On main touch screen are control menu buttons, displaying information about Prague. In order to ensure display photos in true-color, the main control program starts window of auxiliary (pop-up) program, through which the main application displays a color photo with the 3D graphical interface. Communication with the auxiliary program is using UDP packets. Furthermore, the main program controls several projection programs located in several remote PCs, which project colored shapes to the model of Prague. Communication is performed again using UDP packets. All content is fully defined in the configuration files (in the picture is only test content).

Autor: Miroslav Nemecek

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