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Gemtree Peter - installer

Installation problems: When you try to uninstall Peter by standard way, Windows XP (or higher) may report an invalid application. In that case, use Peter's installer again to uninstall it (mini version is enough to do so, and manually delete the installation folder) or just manually delete installation folder of the Peter and the appropriate shortcuts. To install to Vista or higher, you may need to use the version without the installer (just unpack) or alternative installer from the community server Islandsoft.

Peter 2.50 Full Installation (400 MB) - includes: Peter application, help files (Czech and English), about 160 sample programs, 2400 pictures, 1000 icons (items), 1500 sounds, 560 musics, 400 sprites, resources for generating sprites.

Peter 2.50 Mini Installation (5 MB) - includes: Peter application, help files (Czech and English), sample programs Maze and Tutorial, sample library files.

Peter 2.41 Lite Installation (5 MB) - the older version with limited features. It may be useful for younger or novice users because there are no unsafe functions (such as file and memory operations). Can be installed and used in conjunction with version 2.50, because it is installed into another folder.

Files labels (aliases) are in Czech, English and German - depending on the selected language. When you running the sample programs, language depends on the language selected in the Peter application (if running) or on the system language.

>>> For Windows 10 I recommend to add Peter 2.51 with modified helps (see following sections). <<<


Gemtree Peter - no installer

Peter does not require installation to run, it suffices to expand the ZIP archive file to the installation folder (to expand use WinZip or WinRar better). Not so automatically supported multiuser environment, i.e. when modifying the example program, the program will change in the installation folder. But it can be fixed by creating a shortcut with setting the "Run" to the folder of the user and the "Destination" to installation folder of the Peter.

Peter 2.50 Full, ZIP without installation (370 MB)

Peter 2.50 Mini, ZIP without installation (4 MB)

Peter 2.41 Lite, ZIP without installation (4 MB)

Peter 2.51 help, ZIP without installation, only EXE and helps (6 MB) - modification of Petr by user Jiri Peroutka, with help in CHM format for Windows 10. The original version of Petr uses help in HLP format, which was supported by older systems. Newer Windows systems no longer support the HLP format and it was necessary to install HLP support from Microsoft's website - the WinHlp32.exe program. In Windows 10, this option is no longer supported either. Help can only be displayed in CHM format.

Online display of HTML help

Download English version of help PETER_EN.CHM separately


Gemtree Petr - ScreenShot

Gemtree Peter 2.50 ScreenShot is a specially modified version of the Gemtree Peter, used to generate graphics for photobanks. It allows capture content of 3D window into file with high resolution. The image is rendered and captured in parts (tiles) and stored into files scrXXXXX.tga. There are not supported 2D images in 3D window (2D crosshair, title texts), they appear repeatedly in each tile of image. The Keys:

Shift+Pause = captures the image with a width of 8000 pixels or larger (an integer multiple of half of width of 3D window). Performed antialiasing (the image is captured 2x greater).

Alt+Shift+Pause = starts sequential storage with a width of image 1920 pixels and with timing for the speed of output video 29.97 fps. Stop saving with Pause key. The sequence of TGA files can be compiled into a video using VirtualDub program.

Alt+Pause = starts sequential storage at current resolution without scaling the image, ending with Pause. Can be used for a quick preview.

Petr 2.50 ScreenShot, ZIP without installation, only alone exe (1 MB)

Petr 2.50 ScreenShot 4k, ZIP without installation, only alone exe (1 MB) - alternative saving video 4k (3840x2160), item ScrollLock can control saving video (test, set, after wait item count frames)

Example of program created with this version:

Modeller 2 - create rotated objects, 3D view can be captured using Shift+Pause. Contains program ModellerAnim as example how to create program in Peter for capturing animated videosequence.

Another sample program is

ScreenSaver - fly through rotated objects. In file ScreenSaver.txt there is profile of rotated object which can be get from Modeller. File ScreenSaver.bmp contains texture of object surface. Texture can be in 8-bit palette format as is sample texture (better in uncompressed form) or it can be 24-bit RGB image. Purple color with value R=149, G=34, B=140 (or #95228c, need to be exactly set) is transparent color - in that place there can be seen random background color of the object. Only background color has light and shadow, surface color has no shadows or reflections.

Control keys:

BackSpace - switch between IMAGE and VIDEO mode (changes window size)
Shift+Pause - in mode IMAGE captures image into file TGA with resolution 8000x6000 pixels (one image can be captured a few seconds)
Shift+Alt+Pause - in mode VIDEO starts capturing video with speed 29.97 fps (speed of capture can be 2 shots per second, stop with Pause)
Enter - random color of background
arrows, Home, End - change speed of camera rotations
PageUp, PageDown - change speed of camera
Delete - stop camera rotations, in mode IMAGE stops moving too
Insert - switch between manual and auto control
Esc - quit the program

Pidicraft_Screenshot - cube world, with user textures and with saving animations into video.

Petr 2.50 ScreenShot OpenGL, ZIP without instalation, just alone exe (1 MB) (and source code) - another alternative - enables only OpenGL1.1 (it has better output and textures require less memory, it can be used under Wine in Linux), therefore OpenGL 1.1 need to be selected as interface in program (autodetection does not work). ScrollLock switch controls saving video (diring wait element), Insert switch controls 4K or FullHD dimension. Rendering group is always sorted only with Z coordinate (not with distance). Generator of animations Animer was created using this version.


Guide to the World of Peter Rabbit

"Guide to the World of Peter Rabbit" is an official teaching manual, previously supplied to Peter users in printed or electronic form. Another alternative is a tutorial "Programming with Peter" (currently only in Czech language).

"Guide to the World of Peter Rabbit" English, online PDF or HTM, download PDF, DOC, HTM.

"Pruvodce svetem kralika Petra" Czech, online PDF or HTM, download PDF, DOC, HTM.

Download (6 MB) all version, including EXE loaders to Peter‘s environment.


Programming with Peter

"Programming with Peter" is a comprehensive tutorial that was created for the Lite version of Peter, therefore, does not use the full possibilities of full version. Includes field graphics, 2D graphics, console and 3D graphics. This tutorial is currently available only in Czech version.

"Programujeme s Petrem" Czech, online HTM, download entirety (70 MB) or without examples (8 MB).



Peter‘s libraries, such as images and sounds can be downloaded as part of the full installation of Peter. Here is the possibility of alternative download. It’s a selection "of the better" and the files are renamed to Czech labels (i.e. not used aliases of Peter). This can be useful when using outside of Peter. Packages already contain the necessary directory structure, just unzip it to the installation folder of Peter.

Sample programs created in Peter can be downloaded via separate page.

Pictures (count 1829)

Landscape (5 MB) (144), Drawings (7 MB) (515), Plants (10 MB) (233), Miscellaneous (12 MB) (298), Sprites (5 MB) (302), Animals (13 MB) (337)

Sprites (count 409)

Cartoons (210 KB) (28), Figures 1 (10 MB) (60), Figures 2 (11 MB) (60), Rockets (2,3 MB) (33), Miscellaneous (710 KB) (5), Buildings (1,2 MB) (70), Space (17 MB) (121), Vehicles (5 MB) (32)

Sounds (count 1560)

Music (6 MB) (39), Human (15 MB) (279), Nature (10 MB) (136), Things 1 (13 MB) (185), Things 2 (12 MB) (322), Things 3 (12 MB) (221), Vehicles (15 MB) (188), Weapons (10 MB) (190)


Items (1 MB) (1026), Sheets (25 KB) (23), Musics (3,5 MB) (563), Source files of sprites 1 MB

More Downloads

Demonstration video from Anthony (36 MB) showing the possibility of Peter (author's website)

- or alternative link from the author's website: Part 1 (20 MB), Part 2 (16 MB)

POV-Ray 3.1g (5 MB) - 3D rendering software, in which have been created sprites for Peter

Moray 3.2 (3 MB) - 3D modeling software for POV-Ray

MP3 codec (230 KB) - codec support for MP3 files (for most systems do not need to be installed)

color palette of Peter - BMP and ACT format (for Photoshop)


History of the Development of Peter

Just for interest I present here some old downloads from the history of the development of Peter. Graphic part of Baltie software is copyright property of SGP, their use is therefore bound to the conditions of the SGP. Other parts listed here such as source codes and graphics of Peter program are completely free to use.

M. Nemecek

6/30/1997 The very first vision of Peter was interpreter in DOS text format. There was a field animation, 16-color 32x32 icons, conditions, loops.

download program Peter, DOS version (283 KB)

10/2/1997 First experiments under Windows were conducted in Delphi. There have formed first thoughts on program concept - how to build a program, how to interpret it.

download program Peter, Delphi version (135 KB)

10/5/1997 At the request of the SGP company for help began in October 1997 formed the Windows version of Baltie software. Peter in Delphi was used to it, but was changed to figure of Baltie and adapted to the requirements of SGP.

download program Baltie, first attempt (346 KB)

11/1/1997 Baltie after a month of development.

download program Baltie, after a month (315 KB)

12/18/1997 Final version of Baltie. Cooperation with SGP ended up in bad gauge. With many of the concepts I disagree (were frequent disagreements) and so I finally gave SGP source code with the fact that I do not want to participate with it anymore (in result of which the work has not been paid).

download program Baltie, final version (724 KB)

2/5/1998 After disagreements about program concept of Baltie I decided to continue on Peter, to realise my ideas about easy programming tool (focused on children). But I did not continue in Delphi, because in Delphi program proved to be too cumbersome and hard to use. Therefore, further development of Peter took place in MS VC++ 6.0 using MFC libraries.

download program Peter, first attempts in MS VC++ 6.0 (221 KB)

10.2.1998 Yet an additional adjustments of Baltie, such as removing of my hidden copyright (after clicking on the window "About Baltie").

download program Baltie, additional adjustments (511 KB)

3/15/1998 Into Program window can be put program elements.

download program Peter, putting elements (392 KB)

4/27/1998 Variables and elements library operations.

download program Peter, library and variables (571 KB)

5/30/1998 It's possible to run programs from a disk. Meanwhile, the programs are linked to the environment of Peter because yet not contain command interpreter inside the exe as in the present version.

download program Peter, can run programs (1,8 MB)

6/25/1998 Here is the last version written with MFC libraries.

download program Peter, last version with MFC (2,5 MB)

7/22/1998 It was finding it increasingly difficult to circumvent errors of libraries. Finally I decided to serious step - I started writing Peter from scratch, but I totally blew all libraries, not just MFC, but also the C core itself. I wanted to write all the functions themselves and using API interface only. From the beginning it was a big problem to circumvent the compiler, that it lacked the core C (e.g. difficulty with the functions memcpy and new). The result of the success was a program of size 4 kilobytes, which practically did not contain anything, just started and ended (via API). Continued to write my own memory allocator (which I also blew with C core). Surprisingly, the tests proved to be 12 times faster and more efficient than the standard allocator of C core.

download program Peter, beginning in API (69 KB)

6/1/1999 So far, I've lived in the belief that libraries should do development of application easier and faster. New experiences have convinced me of the opposite. And that is because of the constant need to circumvent the large number of errors and shortcomings libraries. Development applications under API turned out to be much easier and faster than using libraries. It rode an unexpected rate, and eventually, after about a year of development, could be on the Children Day 1999 launched the first version of Peter.

download program Peter, version 1.00 Demo (1,6 MB)

download cover to distribution CD Peter 1.00 (1,2 MB)

Source codes

After a long hesitation, I finally released the source codes of the Peter. Not that I wanted to protect it, but I learned with Peter to program in C++ and it also looks like - the code is very messy and many things are solved completely wrong, I would do it differently today (so that for such a code ashamed). If anyone is interested, here are the codes, but as a source for guidance cannot recommend them.

Concept of Peter's codes brings certain difficulties. Given that I needed to remove C runtime kernel from the code, I had to do some subterfuges to compiler (MS VC can not compile so much without runtime). The result is that the code is essentially non-transferable under any other compiler than MS VC 6.0 (that means, if you do not spend a lot of days to weeks with remakes). And it requires compilation only under Windows 98 (compiler works badly under XP). Therefore, compilation and completation of the Peter is rather complex. In present time I compile it in Windows 98 under VirtualPC emulator.

Download source codes of the Peter 2.50 (6 MB) - there are several EXE (subdirectories) in the project:

  • DataInst is installer of data files (e.g. installer of sample programs), no longer used today.

  • DelExe is utility to delete the installer after uninstalling Peter.

  • Gener is utility to complete the Peter's installer. It compiles contents of subdirectories (installation groups) into package: "0"=main program with helps, "1"=applications of the Peter, "2"=item library, "3"=picture library, "4"=sprite library, "5"=sound library, "6"=music library, "7"=other libraries, "8"=sources to generate sprites. Peter.exe file determines date and time of installed files.

  • HLP is a help (compiled from RTF files to HLP using HCW compiler).

  • Loader is interpreter of a program created in the Peter. Peter adds to it (into EXE header) section ".petprg" which contains edited and executed program. Interpreter at startup compiles it into pseudocode which is executed later - it creates EXECITEM structures, which include addresses of functions to be called fot the entries.

  • Loader0 is simplified loader. It does not execute the program and serves only as header of the program to enable its distribution in non-executable form (to be smaller file).

  • Pov2Spr is converter of pictures to sprites.

  • Setup is Peter's installer.

Compilation requires installation of DirectX SDK 8.1 (but I'm not sure, maybe it is included in the project already enough). Before compilation, you must first run batches "Setup\Res\Source\!Konv.bat", that prepares images for the installer, and "HLP\Source\!Konv.bat", which prepares images for Help. DOS utility alchemy.exe is used and therefore you need enough DOS memory. After that the project can be open in MS VC 6.0. All Release variants need be compiled in all projects. As first you need to compile DelExe project, than you can alphabetically compile from top to bottom (Loader need be compiled before Peter).

The environment should be Windows 98. When making efforts to run compilation under e.g. Windows XP you will need to run VC in W98 compatibility mode. Internal pictures of the Peter are edited using VC internal editor, Peter is ready to load them (BMP 8 bits RLE format). When editing images the display must not be set to true-color mode, 16-bit color mode must be selected, or editor will damage colors of the picture! Images need be edited under W98 and not under NT and higher, because in the higher systems the images will not be stored compressed and programs will be much bigger. If you edit pictures using another editor, you must delete *.aps files to load new images by the compiler. When you change the version number, fixes should be done in files: Main.h, Setup\Main.h, HLP\Main_cz.rtf, HLP\Main_en.rtf, HLP\Peter_cz.hpj and HLP\Peter_en.hpj. Further guidance to compilation are in !Info.txt.

Compiled files of Peter 2.50 (3 MB) - thus the output should look like, what "pull" out from Windows 98 in emulator. Then you can continue in your current system.

Generator of Peter full version 2.50 (323 MB)

Generator of Peter mini version 2.50 (3,5 MB)

Generator of Peter Lite version 2.41 (3,6 MB)

The generators are set of install groups for the Peter installer. The installer will be generated by running Gener.exe program. When generating, files are compressed using the HlpGen program. Date and time of installed files will be set by date and time of the Peter.exe file.


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